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Bean Details

Origin: Clavelines Organic
Farm: Finca Clavelines
Processing: Fully washed
Altitude: 1835 Meters above sea level
Town: Planadas
Region: Tolima
Sensory Notes: Caramel, semi sweet chocolate, smoked chestnuts

Farm Story

Didier’s farm Clavelines is a farm we bought from last year and it is quite a big farm by Colombian standards, and even more remarkably so because it is Organic. Clavelines is 7 hectares farm, that has been organic for the last three years. Didier grew up on his families small farm lower down the mountainside and has built up his own farm over time. He is currently growing Caturra, Colombia and F7, but has further areas on the farm that he will plant.
During the harvest there are 20-30 people who come and live on the farm in housing that Didier provides. The cherries are pulped with some mucilage still remaining and are fermented (25-30 hrs), and then floaters are removed and the parchment is washed before being dried in parabolic dryers.
We love the sweet and juicy character of this coffee!